In Less than 200 Words – Why Egypt’s 2013 Constitution is No Good


The constitution for “all Egyptians” puts many of the liberals and revolutionaries who set the uprisings in motion in the same predicament they were in when they started on January 25, 2011. There are a few issues which I think are non-negotiable when it comes to forming a democratic system of government and no matter what other pros exist and are enough to make the entire document unfit for a functional democracy. These issues are anti protest law, loose definitions of ‘libel’ and ‘defamation’ which make it easier to imprison journalists (effectively nullifying a law saying they can not be imprisoned), and military trials for civilians. Beyond these specifics is the issue of a drafting body comprised of people (in some way shape or form) paid by the state. This has yielded a constitution which is extremely state-centric. Additionally is the issue of unprecedented powers for the military (picks its own defense minister; no presidential loyalty in oath) and judiciary ameliorating these bodies’ ability to entrench their supremacy.


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